Tractor Beam - High Caffeine Coffee - 12oz

Type: ground
Sale price$14.99


An out-of-this-world arabica and Indian robusta blend created to give you a caffeine boost not yet discovered by Earthlings.

We just so happened to be walking through the woods one night and, against our will, some aliens "invited" us up for a cup. We experienced the smoothest high caffeine coffee we have ever tried. Tractor Beam is our replication of the brew that was shared with us aboard the ⊑⟟☌⊑⍙⟟⋏⎅ (Highwind). Also pairs well with ⎎⟟⌇⊑ ⎎⟟⋏☌⟒⍀⌇ (fish fingers).

WARNING: Not for the caffeine sensitive. Tractor Beam has twice the caffeine of run-of-the-mill Earth coffee.

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