Which Retro Video Games Would Be Our Favorite Pokémon's Top Picks?

As lovers of both Pokémon and retro video games, we couldn't help but wonder: If Pokémon were as game-obsessed as we are, which vintage titles would be their go-tos? In this article, we'll pair a selection of our favorite Pokémon with the retro video games we think they'd love the most. Let's press 'Start' on this nostalgic adventure!


Pikachu: 'Super Mario Bros.' (1985)


Our electric mascot Pikachu would likely be a fan of another iconic game character: Mario. 'Super Mario Bros.' with its bright colors, energetic gameplay, and simple yet engaging storyline, mirrors Pikachu's cheerful and adventurous spirit. Plus, Mario's trademark red hat is just as iconic as Pikachu's lightning bolt tail.


Jigglypuff: 'Final Fantasy' (1987)


Given Jigglypuff's love for singing and putting enemies to sleep, it seems fitting that it would enjoy a role-playing game like 'Final Fantasy'. This game allows Jigglypuff to take on various roles, engage in turn-based combat (including status-affecting moves), and experience an epic story - perhaps even serenading its fellow party members after a victory.


Psyduck: 'Tetris' (1984)


Psyduck, with its constant state of bewilderment, might prefer a game that's challenging but not overly complex. The classic puzzle game 'Tetris' could be the perfect fit, requiring focus and strategic thinking but still offering a relaxing experience - just what Psyduck needs to help alleviate those headache-induced psychic powers!


Charizard: 'Mortal Kombat' (1992)


The fiery and fierce Charizard would undoubtedly enjoy a fiery and fierce game, and 'Mortal Kombat' fits the bill. As a fighter known for its power and determination, Charizard would appreciate the high-energy battles and variety of powerful characters. Plus, the 'Flawless Victory' catchphrase is something Charizard would surely aspire to achieve in its own battles.


Gengar: 'Pac-Man' (1980)


As a Ghost-type Pokémon, Gengar might get a kick out of playing as another famous video game ghost: 'Pac-Man'. This classic game's ghost antagonists and simple, addictive gameplay might offer Gengar a chance to see life from a ghost's perspective, albeit in a much more light-hearted way.

Snorlax: 'The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening' (1993)


Given Snorlax's affinity for sleep, it seems fitting that it would enjoy 'The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening', a game that revolves around a dream. This action-adventure game offers a laid-back exploration experience and charming storyline that would keep Snorlax engaged without disturbing its love for long naps.


Eevee: 'Metroid' (1986)


Eevee, known for its diverse evolution paths, might appreciate 'Metroid'. Much like Eevee has different forms depending on various factors, 'Metroid' allows players to take different paths and use various power-ups, much like Eevee's various evolutions. It's a perfect match for our adaptable little Pokémon.


That's all for our fun exploration into which retro games our favorite Pokémon might enjoy. This is purely imaginative, of course - we don't expect to see Pikachu picking up a NES controller anytime soon! But it's always fun to combine our love for Pokémon and classic gaming. Share your own Pokémon and retro game pairings in the comments below!


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