We <3 bulk cards. Read the guidelines below and fill out the corresponding form.

Pokemon Bulk Guidelines:

Cards must be in Near Mint or Mint condition.

Cards in Light Play or worse condition will be donated and not returned.

Commons and Uncommons should be mixed bulk (unsorted) (trainers separated out is fine). If they are sorted in any way, the payout will be half of our going rate for the c/uc bulk. 

Must be English (no foreign)

Must be Authentic (no fakes)

No World Championship cards or Basic Energy

Cards must be bundled with like rarities. If cards are mixed up, they will be assumed to be commons and uncommons. Cling wrap, paper, team bags. Please do not use rubber bands.

Cards received with rubber bands, loose in the box, or with sleeves will incur a percentage fee due to damaged cards or time lost in processing.

We will attempt to salvage any sellable cards from a submission, as long as they are still in near mint condition.

Please fill out the form and we will send a quote in 1-2 business days. 

Payments may take up to 10 business days but will vary depending on bulk submission volume.

We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages during shipping.


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